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IT Consulting
 & Services

e-nowon, is an information technology consultancy specializing in digital transformation for all types of companies, industries and sectors.

Our experience accelerates transformation processes by applying our own methodology and aligned with international and local standards.

Our services

Our Services
Cloud Solutions

Integration of the different public and private Cloud services such as: Azure, AWS, Telmex, SAP, Google, Good Dady, among others.

Managed IT Services

Management and support in a 360 ° model of IT infrastructure, applications, licensing and services, in the cloud, hybrid or in customer offices.

Apps as
a Service

We provide software solutions, applications and Apps, paying only what you use as: Zoho Apps, GSuite, SalesForce, O365, Wix, among others.


Consulting, licensing and processes service for off / online application security scanning.

Static and dynamic code scanning.

Our main tool is Checkmarx.

& Networking

Scanning and protection of information technology assets such as: Security equipment, networks, servers, people, profiles, processes and applications, among others.

& innovation

Own methodology and aligned based on the specific needs of our companies, regardless of their size in a repeatable and effective model with a guarantee of short-term ROI.

We support our clients in transformation and innovation decisions at no cost


"Be one of our satisfied customers and share your testimonial ..."

Roberto Santiago

CIO of e-nowon


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Our development and research team constantly has demos, labs, news, articles and technologies that transform our world ...

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